Heroes of High Fantasy: Greenskin Diplomacy

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When a band of orcs attacks the town of West Fork, will you and your party bravely defend the townsfolk, and strike back? This variable difficulty adventure module is designed for 4-5 players and comes with pregenerated characters and a full sized digital battle map.

5th Edition Compatible

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This variable difficulty¬†module is designed to act as a single session encounter or as a side quest to your existing campaign. The unique way it’s written and the various appendix sections present three difficulty levels to best suit your needs as a DM. We’ve provided the game resources below if you’d like to use the pre-generated characters and/or maps designed for the adventure.

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2 reviews for Heroes of High Fantasy: Greenskin Diplomacy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Like the first variable adventure, Greenskin Diplomacy is fast and easy to prepare for and doesn’t waste any time getting into the action and setting up the hook. I’ve played both of these HoHF modules as one-off adventures with my kids, but they are obviously well suited for longer term campaigns as side quests, ways to introduce new elements, or for those nights when you have to prep on short notice. The module is laid out very well and is super easy to read through and prep for, and the variable difficulty levels are really well done. At $3 it’s an easy choice to buy and have on hand.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    This adventure is 24 pages long (I don’t think I saw that information provided anywhere on the product page). It has an easy-to-read, 2-column layout that isn’t a strain to read on a tablet. It features several evocative illustrations.

    I appreciate that the difficulty was broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced options. You could run this as a one-shot or within an existing campaign across a whole range of levels.

    I was surprised to see the orc shaman mentioned in Room 2 wasn’t given stats in the monster appendices. As a healer (he’s helping a wounded orc when the PCs approach) and likely a magic user, I felt that he deserved different stats from the standard orc warriors. If threatened, even a wounded orc would fight, so either stats for a wounded orc or notes on how to adjust standard orc stats due to his wounds would have been helpful in that encounter.

    Don’t overlook the maps and pre-gens available on the product page. They definitely add value to the adventure. Overall, this is a solid adventure at a reasonable price.

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