Videos About Critical Hit Decks

Critical Hit Decks - Nerdarchy Review

The guys at Nerdarchy pop open the Critical Hit Decks and share their thoughts.

Nord Games 5e Critical Hit Decks for Players and GMs Unboxing (Kickstarter)

Youtube channel ‘The Swartz’ unboxes their Critical Hot deck rewards from the original Kickstarter.

Product Reveiw critical, fumble and lucky cards by Nord Games

Youtube channel ‘Table Top Heroes’ gives a review of the Critical Hit decks.

52 card, crit effect vs PCs deck. 5th edition compatible

Youtuber ‘shrimple596’ received their Critical Hit deck for GMs in their Dungeon Crate ( He shares his thoughts.

5th Edition Compatible Critical-Fail Deck - For GM and PC's

Youtuber ‘shrimple596’ received their Critical Fail deck for Players in their Dungeon Crate ( He shares his thoughts.

5th edition compatible LUCK DECK - For, and against the PC's

Youtuber ‘shrimple596’ received their Luck Deck in their Dungeon Crate ( He shares his thoughts.

5e Critical Hit Decks Kickstarter - Launch Day Hangout with Team Nord

Chris and Ralph are joined by their friend Emily, former manager of Legends game shop to talk about the Kickstarter and share their own critical hit and fail anecdotes.

Critical Hit Deck Kickstarter Final Day Hangout with Team Nord!

Chris and Ralph discuss the Critical Hit deck Kickstarter as the campaign comes to an end.