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Turning A Hobby Into A Career

Okay, it’s time to knuckle down get consistent with this blog! We’ve been so busy with projects that we really haven’t had any time to sit down and let our fans know what’s going on in our heads, and what are our plans for the future. Here it goes:

Since early 2014 we’ve run a total of 8 Kickstarter campaigns. Each one has been well received as well as a great learning experience for us. We’ve been able to make each product more and more cost effective as we get to know what our customers are looking for, and what our production facilities’ capabilities are. There is definitely a “sweet spot” when it comes to tabletop games, and it looks like we’re in it.

Our most recent successes have shown us that we can in fact turn Nord Games from a “hobby job” into a full time gig, it’ll just require that we keep up the same quality that our customers have come to expect. With this in mind we’ve ramped up our schedule to release at least 8 new products this year. These products range from books in the Game Master’s Toolbox collection, to RPG gaming accessories like our dungeon tiles and card decks, to standalone board games. We’ve even talked about a line of educational board games and card games. The point is we have a lot going on, and we want to make sure that everyone knows that just because we have a lot of Kickstarter projects

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