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Treacherous Traps Development – Progress Report

Many years ago I (Chris) met Steve Winter. I didn’t realize who he was at first. He was playing a vintage board game in the hotel lobby at the North Texas RPG Convention. He was introduced to me by my friend Bill Webb as “Steve” and I took a seat at the table. I had some emails to take care of so I just watched the game as my brother and a few other people played the game with Steve. He impressed me as a great presenter. His manner of speaking and enthusiasm were quite pleasant and I enjoyed listening to the game play out as I did my work.

Later that night as all of the gang at Frog God Games were hanging out at the bar I arrived to partake in the festivities. This Steve character was there sitting next to Bill. I thought “this Steve guy must be a pretty important character to be hanging out and talking with Bill like they’re old friends. Well it turns out they were, and this Steve guy was none other than the legendary Steve Winter from TSR. Being a rather young game developer by comparison I said very little and instead did a lot of listening. The following morning I happened to see Steve sitting in the breakfast area of the hotel and asked if I could join him. We struck up a friendship which has lasted for years, and every now and then we talk about working together on a project…

For years Steve has been too busy to work on a project with us at Nord Games, but finally we have had a chance to collaborate. Several months ago we were on the phone and discussed this project for Treacherous Traps. Steve seemed very excited and had plenty of material to contribute. I’ve been working on over 250 traps, but what I really needed was some purpose behind the traps. I’m happy to report that Steve has just delivered the abstract for the entire book which goes into the motivations behind using traps in your adventures. In addition he’s written an extremely detail Random Trap Generator which goes into different Triggers and Effects.

This book and the 5 companion decks are expected to hit Kickstarter before the end of the year. It’s going to be a must have for all you 5E players! We look forward to seeing your reactions and feedback!


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