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Keeping up a blog is not easy…

For those of you who come and check our website on a regular basis, thank you! For those of you who click on the link to our blog, we’re very sorry we haven’t been keeping up on our regular posts. We’ve been extremely busy with the development of Revenge of the Horde, as well as half a dozen other titles that have yet to be announced to the world!

We are in a very exciting time at Nord Games. We have run 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns so far in 2016, and plan to run a few more by the year’s end. We’re getting into a good rhythm and trying to shift over from this being our “hobby job” to this being our day job. This is no easy feat as I’m sure you can all assume.

We’ve determined that in order to be successful at making this leap into the unknown, we need to have enough projects under our belt to know what to expect and use our analytical data to help guide us to success. We intend to put out the highest quality content into the RPG community, but that comes at a premium. We push ourselves as writers and Dungeon Masters to come up with new and exciting stories, characters, monsters, items, and other content, and we push our artists to bring our creations to life. All of this is in an effort to make your games more. More exciting, more accessible, more unique, more inspiring, and most of all; more fun!

We will make an effort to keep this blog up to date with regular posts on what we’re working on and how our game sessions and play testing is going. Thank you for being a dedicated fan, and make sure to get into some great gaming!


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