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It Takes A Village…

Howdy all, there is a lot to post about right now so I’ll just get into it:

Quartztoil Tower Kickstarter

Things went great! We achieved all 3 of our stretch goals, and now the book is in final layout. Many thanks are in order to our staff, our fans, and all of our Kickstarter backers. We are excited to be working on more Heroes of High Fantasy variable difficulty adventures which will have their own Kickstarters in the near future.

Ultimate NPCs: Warfare

Development continues and artwork is being commissioned continuously. We do not yet have a cover image which is crucial for our Kickstarter marketing. This and a few other missing pieces will delay our Kickstarter until January. We do not compromise on quality and would not feel comfortable running the Kickstarter without these very important components. The book itself is shaping up to be an excellent follow up to Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery so fans of the franchise will be extremely happy.

The Ruins of Glendale Village

Our final Kickstarter for the year will be launching on Friday October 20th. It features a new product line we call Fantastic Worlds Miniature Terrain. These are sets of ruined structures and buildings cast from Merlin’s Magic Plaster. We’ve obtained a license from Hirst Arts to use their artwork for our designs. This is top quality stuff and we are so excited to reveal this project. There will be 4 sets as well as add on and Kickstarter Exclusive models. Each set features different ruins including houses, hovels, guard towers, walls, doorways, and a large ruined church with columns and windows (pictured above). These are designed for tabletop RPGs and Wargames to enhance the gaming experience. Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter (at the bottom right hand corner of the page) if you want to receive updates when the Kickstarter launches!

That’s about it for now, back to the workshop to continue the development.

Happy Gaming!


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