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It Takes A Village…

Howdy all, there is a lot to post about right now so I’ll just get into it:

Quartztoil Tower Kickstarter

Things went great! We achieved all 3 of our stretch goals, and now the book is in final layout. Many thanks are in order to our staff, our fans, and all of our Kickstarter backers. We are excited to be working on more Heroes of High Fantasy variable difficulty adventures which will have their own Kickstarters in the near future.

Ultimate NPCs: Warfare

Development continues and artwork is being commissioned continuously. We do not yet have a cover image which is crucial for our Kickstarter marketing. This and a few other missing pieces will delay our Kickstarter until January. We do not compromise on quality and would not feel comfortable running the Kickstarter without these very important components. The book itself is shaping up to be an excellent follow up to Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery so fans of the franchise will be extremely happy.

The Ruins of Glendale Village

Our final Kickstarter for the year will be launching on Friday October 20th. It features a new product line we call Fantastic Worlds Miniature Terrain. These are sets of ruined structures and buildings cast from Merlin’s Magic Plaster. We’ve obtained a license from Hirst Arts to use their artwork for our designs. This is top quality stuff and we are so excited to reveal this project. There will be 4 sets as well as add on and Kickstarter Exclusive models. Each set features different ruins including houses, hovels, guard towers, walls, doorways, and a large ruined church with columns and windows (pictured above). These are designed for tabletop RPGs and Wargames to enhance the gaming experience. Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter (at the bottom right hand corner of the page) if you want to receive updates when the Kickstarter launches!

That’s about it for now, back to the workshop to continue the development.

Happy Gaming!


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So Many Projects, So Little Time…

As we head into our final weekend of the Artifices of Quartztoil Tower Kickstarter there is a sense of relief that we’ve funded, but also a sense of urgency to get going on the next project. We have no shortage of ideas, we’re just facing a shortage of people power right now. Many people are submitting manuscripts for future adventures, which is great, but there are many more projects besides adventures that we’d like to work on. If you’re reading this and you have ideas for games or a desire to work with a game company then please contact us and we will certainly be happy to talk to you.

In the mean time what crew we do have will all be working double shifts trying to get content produced and the product published on time. Wandering Monster Decks are going well and should be delivered in November as promised. The follow up products which will complete that set of which Treasure Decks and Wandering Monster Decks are part of are currently in the early design phases, but we need more people on board with that project to get some outside creativity.

All and all things are going well here at Nord Games and we look forward to what the future has in store for us. We are so grateful to all of our fans and their continued support of our products!


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Turning A Hobby Into A Career

Okay, it’s time to knuckle down get consistent with this blog! We’ve been so busy with projects that we really haven’t had any time to sit down and let our fans know what’s going on in our heads, and what are our plans for the future. Here it goes:

Since early 2014 we’ve run a total of 8 Kickstarter campaigns. Each one has been well received as well as a great learning experience for us. We’ve been able to make each product more and more cost effective as we get to know what our customers are looking for, and what our production facilities’ capabilities are. There is definitely a “sweet spot” when it comes to tabletop games, and it looks like we’re in it.

Our most recent successes have shown us that we can in fact turn Nord Games from a “hobby job” into a full time gig, it’ll just require that we keep up the same quality that our customers have come to expect. With this in mind we’ve ramped up our schedule to release at least 8 new products this year. These products range from books in the Game Master’s Toolbox collection, to RPG gaming accessories like our dungeon tiles and card decks, to standalone board games. We’ve even talked about a line of educational board games and card games. The point is we have a lot going on, and we want to make sure that everyone knows that just because we have a lot of Kickstarter projects

Keep an eye on our facebook page and your inboxes (if you’ve signed up for our newsletter) for more information.


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Keeping up a blog is not easy…

For those of you who come and check our website on a regular basis, thank you! For those of you who click on the link to our blog, we’re very sorry we haven’t been keeping up on our regular posts. We’ve been extremely busy with the development of Revenge of the Horde, as well as half a dozen other titles that have yet to be announced to the world!

We are in a very exciting time at Nord Games. We have run 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns so far in 2016, and plan to run a few more by the year’s end. We’re getting into a good rhythm and trying to shift over from this being our “hobby job” to this being our day job. This is no easy feat as I’m sure you can all assume.

We’ve determined that in order to be successful at making this leap into the unknown, we need to have enough projects under our belt to know what to expect and use our analytical data to help guide us to success. We intend to put out the highest quality content into the RPG community, but that comes at a premium. We push ourselves as writers and Dungeon Masters to come up with new and exciting stories, characters, monsters, items, and other content, and we push our artists to bring our creations to life. All of this is in an effort to make your games more. More exciting, more accessible, more unique, more inspiring, and most of all; more fun!

We will make an effort to keep this blog up to date with regular posts on what we’re working on and how our game sessions and play testing is going. Thank you for being a dedicated fan, and make sure to get into some great gaming!


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Newly Redesigned Website is Up!

Hi All,

We just launched our new website and we are still making some changes here and there. You’ll notice that most of our products are currently out of stock. We will be updating that over the next few days after we’ve had a chance to audit our stock on hand. In the mean time please feel free to write reviews on the various products which you’ve purchased from us in the past via Kickstarters or directly.

Thank you all for your continued support!


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Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery Test Prints

We’ve been working on this book for months now and it’s so exciting to get a test print in our hands. It’s even more exciting to use the book at our weekly game. Not only are these NPCs useful for story telling and role play, but having the stat blocks all laid out saves hours of time, and random encounters are far easier to manage.